March 25, 2016


Heidi’s Hang Ups was founded in December 2015 out of a very basic need…..a more efficient and beautiful way to store and organize my jewelry, namely my long-hanging neckwear. As my collection of neckwear expanded, so did the cluttered, tangled mess in my jewelry armoire. As a working professional and busy wife and mother, I have only moments to decide what necklace I’m going to wear. Sifting through the tangled nightmare in my jewelry armoire just wasn’t cutting it. I found myself then doing the unthinkable…..placing tacks on the wall and hanging my necklaces just so I could access them quickly and view exactly what I owned.

My home has limited storage space, and the jewelry armoire was creating more problems than it was solving. Being a crafter at heart, I was lying in bed one night thinking of ways to improve my jewelry storage and organizational problems. The idea of incorporating jewelry storage along with my love of vintage antique picture frames led me into my garage in the wee hours that morning. Within hours I had my first prototype.

As popularity for my jewelry boards grew, so did my operation and my efforts to continue to solve women’s organizational and jewelry storage challenges. In continuing to perfect my jewelry board designs, I now offer many add-on features. For instance, a bracelet bar and door hanging bracket provide more diverse and comprehensive jewelry organizational storage solutions.