Evolving how we do things

I feel terrible its been far too long since I posted.  I’ve been working so hard on variety of new and exciting protypes, time just slipped away from me.  I love creating and have been lost in my workshop trying to come up with new and different styles of jewelry organizer systems to offer you the customer.

I wan to thank customers who have given me truly feedback.  I really do strive continually improve and our offerings to customers. I encourage folks to submit questions, provide feedback or submit testimonials at heidishangups@comcast.net.  I do read all my correspondences and try to respond with 48 hours.

I’m so excited to tell you all we now have begun to work with variety of different medium to bring variety to our designs. I recently repurposed a lovely little raw recycled wood cross into a lovely little jewelry organizer.  While this one is SOLD to delightful woman in the Stockton, CA area, I wanted to share this jewelry organizer with you.

Til next post, thanks for checking in and I’ll post again next week with some other exciting new offerings!